Analytics| What They Mean & How They Can Help You

If you’ve ever watched one of my live streams (if you haven’t, then what’re you waiting for? LOL) then I talk quite a bit about analytics and how they can help you grow with your blog, YouTube,  and Instagram.

A lot of us, tend to base our growth over likes and comments. Now while that is great, to receive those things, that is only scratching the surface.

In this post I will use Instagram as an example, because it is the app that the most people use. Instagram is a great app for socializing, networking, promoting your business, and meeting a lot of great people. But are you using Instagram to your full advantage? In this post I’m going to tell you how you can do it.

There are some steps you will need to follow first, before you can see how your Instagram is performing. First you will need to turn your instagram into a business account. Here is how you do it

First you are going to go to your profile, and see that little wheel in the top right? Click on that and scroll down to where it says “create a business account” (mine says switch back to personal)



Now with this you will have to have a Facebook page (it can be private) since Facebook owns Instagram, this is their rules (sucks I know, but it is what it is)

Once you create a page it will take you back. I do recommend creating the page first, then coming back to Instagram to create a business account.

After all of that is done when you click on your Instagram profile you will see a set of uneven bars next to your name. This is where all your analytics are


When clicking on it, you will see your insights from the past week. You will see the number of impressions (I will get into impressions a little further down into this post)


Under that you will see your top posts. This basically tells you the top posts on your feed for that week, this is important.


Under that you will see Followers and this lets you know the time of day you receive the most followers.


There is a link under followers that says “what do these mean” when you click on it this is what it says


When you click on Followers, it tells you a few things

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Top locations
  • Hours/days for most follows

When you go back you will click on the “see more” next to top posts and you’ll get a series of your photos with a bunch of different numbers

What it will say fist is “showing all posted in the last 7 days sorted by impressions”



Click on impressions and you will then see a filter wheel. This lets you see your impressions, reach, engagement, likes and comments. You can view all of these over the past 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, a year, and 2 years. You can also filter this by videos and photos, so it can be very specific if you choose.


Now what do all of these these things mean?

  • Impressions – how many people saw your photo. This is HUGE this tells you how may people saw your photo, whether they like, comment, or not at all. If someone saw it, this number goes up.
  • Reach  – this number is lower than impressions because it doesnt go up if the same person sees your photo
  • Engagement – the amount of interaction, this is for likes, comments, and reach
  • Likes and comments speak for themselves

I always tell people to look at all of these numbers. These numbers tell you a lot more than a comment or a like. Looking at these numbers will let you know what your followers like/dislike and what kind of style is reaching the most people. If you are trying to get your instagram following to grow, this is the key to doing it.

Now if a photo has a low number, does that mean you should stop posing it? NO! That just means that maybe the lighting is bad? Style it better? Better hashtags? Theres a few things that can make this photo not “well liked” so take those questions into consideration before deciding to stop posting all together.

I hope this post helps you understand analytics better.



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