November Recap

November has come and gone, and we’re already in December! It feels like December just snuck up on me, but I can’t complain about it, I just have to keep pushing. Im going to recap how November was for me and give you a sneak peak at December and some changes, that are coming up.

GTD Method – This was a fun blog post, and video to do. I’ve been using the GTD method for quite some time, and it’s working well for me. I highly suggest trying it out, if you are overwhelmed with planning, and need a fresh start.

Everyday Makeup Routine – I started slowly incorporating lifestyle posts into my blog and youtube, and one of the first videos I did was my everyday makeup routine  As the weeks go on I will be doing more makeup videos, I can’t wait to get started!

Analytics – For as long as Ive been doing live streams, I’ve been talking about how important analytics are, to help you grow. I finally did a blog post on it (a video will be live tomorrow) I think its a very good posts, if you don’t understand how analytics work

Mental Health Updates – At the tail end of November I did my first mental health update video, and the response was great! I’ve always talked about mental health, and how important it is. I plan on doing an update once a month on my youtube to let you know how I am coping.

Now for what’s coming up in December

  • 2017 Planners – I have a video coming on what planers I will be using for 2017. Some are staying, and some aren’t. There are some new ones, but I am happy overall with what the results are
  • 2017 Changes – This video will be up this coming Friday. I will be talking about less blogging and a more consistent video upload schedule. I explain all of my reasonings for it in the upcoming video. I also talk about changing the way I plan, just a little. Nothing too dramatic but it will help me, be more productive.
  • Room Tours – I plan on filming a different room in my house and talking about it. These kind of lifestyle videos are great, and I love sharing my home and what I love about it
  • Cooking With Kristen – I want to do a cooking video once a month. I love cooking and want to share simple recipes.
  • Goals Planner Review – I have a video up for this already BUT I’m using it a little different, and its working out great. I will be filming another video soon.
  • A Week In The Life – I will film a 5 day week for me and put it into one video. I love vlog style videos, but not for everyday of the year lol! But I think a peak into my daily life could be fun

And that’s all! It’s a pretty busy, but fun month for me. Can’t wait to see what December has in store for me.




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