Updated 2017 Planning System

Hello all!

I have a new video up on my channel about my new UPDATED planning system, and I thought I was make a blog post about my planners and how I am using them

  • The Mini Happy Planner – This planner is my mood tracker. I track my moods various times a day, and it helps me see how my weeks and months go, it’s extremely helpful
  • Recollections Zipped Personal Planner – This is my personal life planner, and goes everywhere with me. It’s basically my life planner shrunken down
  • Recollections Goals Planner – I was using this, just for social media, but I have now included personal, and weight loss goals. It is working out well, and I like having all of my goals in one planner.
  • Inkwell Press – My life planner, and I am loving it! This is a gorgeous planner and I am so happy I decided to use it as my life planner. Everything goes in here from work, to personal, to my daughters, to my husband, and everything in between.
  • The Happy Planner – My work planner and its working very well. I enjoy using this planner every day/week. and since I can space all of my work out, I seem to be more productive.

Using 5 planners is a good number for me, its not too many and I am not overwhelmed. If anything changes (which I doubt) I will then do an updated blog post. Until next time, take care

-Kristen Iness



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