How I Tackle My Mondays

I was reading a post on titled “How Successful Women Tackle Mondays” and it inspired me to create this post. I am a WAHM (work at home mom) so my Mondays are different from the woman who goes into the office.

It doesn’t change the fact that my Mondays can still be hectic. While I used to HATE Mondays (the 6 am alarm will never be liked) I learned that it wasn’t the day that I hated, it was the fact that I wasn’t prepared enough for them. I’m going to list some things that have helped my Mondays tremendously.


This is the most obvious one. It’s not just a regular cup. I need the BIG one that I have pictured here. The faster I get coffee into my system the better my day will be

Good nights sleep

Every Sunday I try to make sure I am in the bed, no later than 9pm. I like to watch TV before I fall asleep so I try to have my TV off before 10. I know its probably a bad thing to watch TV before bed. But unlike most people it relaxes me, and makes me sleepy just lying there. That way when the dreadful alarm goes off, it doesn’t feel that bad.

Preparing the weekend before

As you all know I am a planner, so know what’s on store for me come Monday always helps me, to not be surprised. When I know whats going on for Monday, my anxiety is as low as I can control.

Taking my time jumping into work

Monday’s are my batch photo days, but I take my time getting into work. While I used to do all of my photography, early in the morning. I’ve switched it up, and now I do it in the afternoon. Doing this has allowed me to get my juices flowing, and the caffeine to do its job. This also gives me time to do housework before any work, that way my mind is clear for work.

Drinking water

I am a HUGE advocate on drinking water, all day. Water gives you energy, therefore keeping you awake to actually do your work. I drink one cup of coffee and use water to keep my energy going. Its healthier than coffee, while helping me lose some weight in the process.

Self Care

As much as I love doing what I do. Im very fortunate to be able to work from home. I have to make sure I get some self care in. Self care is vital to me, and anyone. If I don’t take care of me, I can’t take care of anyone else, or do my work properly.

So that is how I tackle my Mondays. How do you tackle yours? Let me know in the comments!


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