​New Planner, New Plans | Time to Re-evaluate

When the end of June, and the beginning of July hits, you know what that means for us planner girls? NEW PLANNERS!!

For us this is our new year, it’s a clean slate, and it’s time to reevaluate how we plan. Make any changes (big or small) and try to do better, be more productive, and get things done!

I am switching planners this year, from my This Is Your Year to the Market Floral. Now I love the This Is Your Year one, but those currently pages will be the death of me.


I’ve always had a good system when it comes to my planner, or so I thought. It works great for keeping all of my work together, but with three different things going on, such as Instagram, Youtube, and Etsy It was a little cluttered in my planner.


With my new planner, I have categorized each row.

  • Top row – Instagram
  • Middle – Youtube
  • Bottom – Etsy


This is going to really help me stay organized, and work more efficiently. Have you made any changes to your planner routine?




One Comment Add yours

  1. elplandeale says:

    I love idea to use each square for social media


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