More Than Just A Productivity Planner

I started my Instagram, YouTube, and this blog, based on the simple fact that I am a person that use a planner.

I love using a planner, and I love using each of these platforms to talk about planning. Over time I have introduce lifestyle into my channel (I have a separate IG for lifestyle to stay cohesive) because as my title says I am more than just a productivity planner.

I admire anyone who can stick to one topic of conversation with their platforms. Thats their niche and they stick to it. I, however can’t do that, and that is my issue (I don’t see it as an issue I see it as just being human)

Majority of my followers and subscribers have found me based on their love of planning, and I respect all of them. I’ve also lost some subs and followers because Ive introduced other things, that are not planner related. I get it they want to follow someone who sticks to planning.

But I have to do what is right for me, and if people stay, great, if not, great. I want to be relatable, I want to talk about topics that my subs and followers want to talk about.

So if that means makeup, skincare, fashion, mental health, adult topics, I will engage in those because, someone can learn from my experience.

All I ever want to achieve when I post anything is to help one person. Whether it be, to help them be more productive, learn how to apply makeup, where to find affordable fashion, talk about not being satisfied in their relationship, their mental health, or tips on skincare. If someone says “thank you for this” I’ve done my job, and I will continue to do so.

As I am typing this post I will be starting a series on my youtube channel called Kristen After Dark where I touch on adult topics such as sex, intimacy, marriage, motherhood, mental health, communication, weight gain, weight loss, ect. I want to talk about the things no one wants to talk about openly.

I want it to be a safe space for anyone to express themselves. I think this will be a very great and informative series and I also want to learn from anyone leaving me comments.

So with that said I am more than my planner I am a mother, a wife, I have a mental illness, and I am very sexual person who also has issues with weight gain and loss. Im not ashamed to admit my issues, and I don’t want anyone else to feel ashamed either.

I hope you all come with me on this new journey, Im looking forward to it.

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  1. I’m with you no more boxes We need more open experience in life.

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