Etsy Sticker Shops Do Better!

Some may call me “anti-etsy” I call what I have “instant gratification” I’m a person that I will order online if its a very good deal, or I can’t find something anywhere else.

One thing I really do like about etsy planner stickers is that some shops are unique. Most planner sticker shops are very cutesy (people love these) but some have “adult” stickers meaning I can actually take my planner out in public 😉

Recently I wanted to start supporting small businesses because of issues I take with these planner sub services, and only wanting your money. Well with me doing this came its issues, and one of the biggest issues these Etsy shops have












There are things that I feel that Etsy shops should do that seem like common sense such as

  1. Pre-print – to make money you have to spend money why not do this to cut down on processing?
  2. Quit using excuses! i.e. blaming the post office, someone has died (this gets used a lot) printer broke (you have a business using a printer, have more than one) OVERWHELMED! (shut down your shop to fulfill orders then open back up
  3. Quit shipping out of the country if it takes a month to get to someone

I have ordered stickers from 3 different shops with good reviews and only one has shipped things within the week. The first one wasn’t supposed to ship until a month after I ordered, I got it a month after I ordered. How does this make sense?

One I ordered on August 23rd and it wasn’t supposed to ship until September 20th!!

How does this work? Why are these long length or times acceptable? How does it take a month to print and ship? Like I said before if its too much to fulfill orders then shut down to fulfill the ones already placed, get someone to help you, or figure out why a sense of urgency isnt in your mind set.

This alone has turned me off of buying stickers from Etsy. Id rather just go to the store because waiting a month for stickers is beyond ridiculous


  1. ‘Meaning I can actually take my planner out in public’ omg LOL This made me laugh. When I was first starting with stickers and was using just one planner I remember not wanting to open my planner in work meetings because of the stickers. I agree with you some of the processing times are crazy. I like the shops that are stock to order rather then print to order. Also I love when they do huge sales but that pushes the processing time even longer. I have Easter Stickers that I didn’t get till two weeks past Easter.


    1. LOL that’s what I’m gonna look for “ready to ship” the processing time is beyond ridiculous


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