Who is PWK?


Hello! Welcome to Planning with Kristen!

My name is Kristen Iness. Im a thirty-something wife and mother. I was born and raised in California which is where I currently live. I have a degree in dental assisting, and I am a freelance photographer. When I am not doing things I have to do, Im doing things I like to do, such as planning in my planner (obviously :)) drink iced tea, binge watch on Netflix, and be random on social media

Why did I start Planning with Kristen?

I got into planning this past summer when I stumbled across a “plan with me video” I thought “oh this is neat but seems time consuming!” so I bought a planner with plans to only add a little bit of color…boy was I wrong!

Planning With Kristen Today!

But as of May 2016 I knew that decorating and going all out in my planner wasn’t for me. So I went on a journey of being more productive than decorative and it has changed my life and my mindset. This way of planning has helped me GTD (get things done) and I have helped others in the process. A planner is supposed to assist you, not consume you.

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Thank you, and come again 🙂