What is PWK?


What is PWK? (Planning With Kristen) I didn’t feel this page was needed because when I first created this blog it was strictly a planner spread blog, which seemed pretty straight forward.

But most recently things have started to change, for the better. As much as I love planning, and posting spreads, I wanted this blog to be more than that. Not only will I continue to post all things planner, and productivity related, I will also venture off into lifestyle posts such as

  • Home/home decor
  • Organization
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Mental health
  • Life Advice

I feel with lifestyle posts, it can help my readers even more.

When I feel that a tip or trick has helped me, be more productive in my life, I want to share it with you all, in hopes in can help you too.


I have 40 followers on my blog – Average views per post, per day are between 100-150 reaching upwards to 300 views a day on some posts.

I have 3,149 subscribers on Youtube – Average views per month are 44,000

I have 3,225 followers on Instagram  – Average amount of likes per photo are 66 and 70 per video

I have 266 followers on Twitter


-Kristen Iness