Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

I think I say “where has the year gone?” every year but this year, that question is really relevant. This year really flew by, bad things happened, good things happened. But overall this year was a year of reflection. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my work, people, gained some friends, lost some “friends” and made some huge changes. Overall I wouldn’t complain. Every time something knocked me down, I got back up, and was stronger. Lets start with the bad, and end this post on a good note


  • My husbands grandmother got sick in March, passed away in September. I considered her a grandmother, and she never treated me like anything but her own. It was a really hard death, and we miss her all the time.
  • First full year without my maternal grandmother. She passed away in December 2016 so going the holidays and birthdays was especially hard on my mother
  • I took petty wayyyyyyyyy too far. I learned from this though, even did a live stream about it. Ever since then its been nothing but up.
  • I lost some “friends” Everyone that comes into your life isn’t meant to stay.
  • My first meet up – this is a bad and good thing. I had fun meeting Indiana and Desiree but I was really let down by the lack of turn out.
  • I learned that people THRIVE on drama as long as it isnt them. Yeah not my cup of tea


  • I started my first Etsy shop and its doing well in its first year!
  • I had a PR team! It was too much so I ended it, but if I ever do it again I know what NOT to do
  • I’ve got to work with some great companies this year. Ashley Shelly, 3 Cell phone case companies. Purpletrail Planners, and Firmoo. All great opportunities.
  • I made a PR Team for Oh Doodle Shop! Im still waiting on my package but I cant wait to use these stickers.
  • I now have over 4k subs on youtube! For only being on youtube for 2 short years, this is amazing to me.
  • I started a FB group, and It keeps growing, im loving it and everyone acts like adults, who woulda thought?
  • Lastly ME AND MY HUSBAND BOUGHT A HOUSE!! We close at the end of January and I wouldn’t think of a better way to end this year, and start the new year!

Overall my 2017 was eventful. I want 2018 to be even better, with nothing but growth!

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