InkWell Press Planner First Impression

I’ve heard of InkWell Press planners before but I never paid much attention. Also with it being an online only purchase, I didn’t want to bother LOL! If you know one thing about me, know that I hate ordering online, Im an instant gratification person 😉

Well when I heard they were collaborating with Office Depot and At A Glance I became very interested. I saw photos, and videos and thought the planner was gorgeous. One thing that really peaked my interest was the monthly dashboard with the hexagons, and the habit tracker.

This is a 12 months planner that starts in January. I like that its only 12 months, so pages will not go to waste.

After looking through the entire planner, I feel that it is a very well made planner, and InkWell covered all of the basis. This post is very image heavy so I’ll describe each photo and talk about my first impression at the end

FIRST let me talk about this mistake


YES April is misspelled, and its like this on every planner! Tonya did address it and she said she felt really bad which I believe because this is your business and to make a mistake like this would hurt emotionally. But its not enough for me to not use the planner. Just wanted to point that out for anyone who didn’t know.

This planner is more on the pricier side $44.99 and is more than I would usually pay, but after feeling the quality of it, I can see why it’s this much

The cover is a very thick and sturdy cardboard, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. It has a wood/bark design to it an says Twenty Seventeen in cursive on the front. There are 3 different hexagons in coral, aqua, and white on the cover.

There is a pretty big, and thick gold coil on it that is very durable. Theres also an elastic band to help keep it closed.


When you first open it up the back of the cover has mini hexagons, to go with the theme. There is a removable bookmark, that is great to keep your space on whatever month and week you’re on. On the front page there is a Quick & Simple section. It gives you ideas on how to set up your mission board, weekly planning, and lets you know there are videos on 

When you turn the page there is a welcome page from Tonya (the creator) and their mission. It also lists all the social media platforms you can follow InkWell Press On.

On the right page, is your cover page where you can put your address and phone number and say “This Will Be Your Best Year Yet”


Turning the page brings you to Important Dates. It has every month of the year and ample room to write down birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, traveling and anything else you need to remember. I really like this page. Great for when you need to plan, you can always look back at this page.

The next page shows you goals.

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Home
  • Dream Big

With this being a planner that doesn’t start until 2017 this is a great way to start fresh and write down everything you want to do for the year.

The next page has a goal break down, genius!

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

This is nice so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Next page is a year at a glance and a quote page that says “The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams” – Elanor Rosevelt


Now we get into the actual calendar. You have your monthly view, which has top 5 on the right, and a notes section. The next page has your monthly mission board, monthly plans and habit tracker. I also took one photo of the weekly spread (this one is for march) all of the weekly spreads coordinate with the monthly colors.


Here are what the monthly mission boards look like theyre all different (in color and notes) but all have the same categories


At the end of the planner is where some goodies are

  • Gift list (can be used any time of the year)
  • Flight information
  • Bill tracker
  • Grid paper
  • 2018 year at a glance
  • A double sided folder
  • and a pocket!



Now how do I feel about this planner. I think it is very VERY well made!! You can keep track of your weeks, your habits, bills, and vacation all in one book! I like that at the end of each month there is 2 pages of notes that you can use for journaling and reflections. Also having a top 5 on each month and week is a good addition.

Overall I’m impressed with this planner and do plan on putting it to use come 2017. I highly suggest trying it out.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol W. says:

    I have used (for work) an Inkwell Press planner for over a year and I love it. It has everything I need and more in it. Great review.


    1. Thank you! It’s such a beautiful planner I can’t wait to use it 😊


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