Theming My Work Days

My friend Alexis did a blog post on how she themed her work days, and I thought it would be fun to do my own blog post as well.

As Alexis mentioned in her post, she first saw this on Strange & Charmed which is Alexis as well, and when we both read this a while back we thought this was a great idea! Ever since I started theming my days, I find I get more done, and done correctly.

Now my themed work days will be different from yours, just like (both) Alexis is different than mine. But hopefully what you read can help you.

For me to come up with a way to theme my posts, actually came pretty easy. I just looked at what needed to be done first in the week, and went from there. So what comes first. I know at the beginning of the week I would need to take a bunch of photos for the week. Thumbnails for videos, hash tagged photos for instagram, anything else I may want to share. So I turned Monday into my batch photo day.

Since I film I know I needed a filming day, so I made that day Wednesday. I film 3 videos every wednesday, for the following week. That way it gives me time to edit, upload, and schedule them.

Lastly I realized I needed another batch photo day for Mondays post (weekly spreads) so I put that task on fridays.

That is how I theme my work days. Its been working well for me, and I will continue to do it, until it no longer works for me.

Thank you Alexis for the blog idea 🙂


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  1. planwithlexi says:

    Love your post too!! 💕 I think people could really benefit from this, so it’s nice to have more people talking about it.


    1. Thank you! I think so too. I really hope it can help someone not be overwhelmed with any work they have to do


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